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Frequently Asked Questions about PicketLink.

Is PicketLink Free?

Yes, PicketLink libraries are free of charge.

What license does PicketLink use?

PicketLink is open source and is licensed under Apache v2 license.

Where can I get it?

All libraries are available on JBoss Release Repository and Maven Central.

You can also use the PicketLink Installer to not only get the libraries, but to configure a JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 or WildFly distribution with all the necessary libraries/modules.

What Application Servers are Supported ?

PicketLink Base can be used in any application server compliant with JEE 6 or 7. Most features are based on CDI.

PicketLink Identity Management is a Java SE library, so you can use it alone in any application server.

If you're looking for PicketLink Federation SAML Support , you can use Tomcat, JBoss EAP 6 and WildFly. We're working to support others such as Jetty.

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